Website traffic

You want more traffic?

We all do, but what kind of traffic ?

What I do with the Mailiac system is I test, analyse and measure your data – then we begin to send traffic.


Read this, I am not interested in money hunters, go getters or coinoffers – go to Mcdonalds for that.

If you have a product, and a desire to change something – I really prefer people who can back their product, then we can talk.

This is the proces the we help you with:

  1. Analyze your site – I interview you, you may not be right for me, and I may not be right for you.
  2. We test the data, how much will it cost for you to get a new lead (CPL) or a new customer (CPA)
  3. We check your onsite conversions and then we see how we can align your cold traffic and change it into warm loving fans – repeat buyers.
  4. We want to help you and we want to make money while doing it – the secret it out.
  5. We can start of with a small budget helping entrepreneurs, but only those who want to scale.
  6. So if you want to increase your sales or leads dramatically, you also have to change mentally and prepare for it.

Check this film out – where we are trying to get our message out of $1 in = $2 out

We can do traffic, and we are talking 500.000 + sites.

But why not combine it with scaling at a profit?